HIV blood in Pepsi and Tropicana Juice: A hoax

Recently  messages about HIV blood in PEPSI and Tropicana has been circulation over messages and through emails.  The question that arises in everyone’s mind will be is that true? The answer is
no .
Definitely the message about HIV blood in Pepsi or in Tropicana  is a  hoax.  These rumors must have been spread by some fools deliberately to cause a  bad names to the company and to hurt their reputation.

An Example Message of the hoax:

Please do not drink Pepsi  or Tropicana juice since a worker from the pepsi company has put contaminated blood with HIV virus inside the bottles!!!


 Referred URL: HIV in Food
Now all type of messages are completely prank. Actually some of the messages claim that the news has been confirmed by some news channels. But none of the TV channels have telecast anything about this news.   Center for Disease and Prevention control says  that a food containing HIV blood cannot transmit HIV. Simple commonsense would reveal that this message is just a hoax. This message has not been reported in any news channels. Moreover no reports from the Government or  from any organisations.  The products are still very much alive in markets.

So these messages are just like any other hoax.