Dominos Pizza Menu with latest prices in India

Dominos Pizza is an international and famous company. It has its stores in almost 60 countries including India. 
The company offers delicious and tasty pizzas in both non vegetarian and vegetarian flavors. They have a wide range of varieties at different prizes. 

They have categorized their products into different categories as mentioned below

Pizza Varieties:

Vegetarian: Simply Veg, Veg I and Veg II
Non vegetarian: Simply Non Veg, Non Veg I and  Non Veg II
Feast Pizzas.

Domino 's Pizza Menu with Prices:

Simply Vegetarian Pizzas
Pizza Regular Medium Large
Margherita (topped with Single cheese) 75 155 295
Cheese and Tomato 75 155 295

Vegetarian Pizzas I
Pizza Regular Medium Large
Double Sized Margherita 110 255 385
Fresh veggie-Comes with Onion and Crisp Capsicum 110 255 385
Country Special 110 255 385
Farmhouse 110 255 385

Vegetarian Pizzas II
Pizza Regular Medium Large
Peppy paneer 155 285 445
Mexican green Wave 155 285 445
Deluxe Veggie 155 285 445
Gourmet 155 285 445

Simply Non Vegetarian
Pizza Regular Medium Large
Cheese and barbeque Chicken 110 225 385

Non Vegetarian Pizzas I
Pizza Regular Medium Large
Barabque Chicken 155 285 445
Spicy Chicken Regular 155 285 445

Non Vegetarian Pizzas II
Pizza Regular Medium Large
Chicken Mexicama 195 330 495
Keema do Pyaaza 195 330 495
Chicken Golden Delight 195 330 495

Feast Pizzas
Pizza Regular Medium Large
Veg Extravaganza 175 375 510
Meatzaa 220 375 560
Non Veg Extravaganza 220 375 560
Cheese and pepperoni 220 375 560

Note: All the prices mentioned are in Indian Rupees. Prices do not include taxes. Prices are subject to change . The author does not claim any responsibility regarding the change in prices, or offers. Contact the store for more details. The ingredients mentioned in this article is only the main ingredients. Other ingredients might also be used.