How to prepare an Independence Day Speech Details

In this article I will elaborate details on how to prepare an independence day speech irrespective of country.

Synopsis for Independence Day

  • Salutation
  • Introduction
  • Year of Celebration
  • Struggle for Freedom
  • Role of Leaders
  • Role of Women
  • Role of Patriots
  • Quotes
  • Why do we celebrate Independence day
  • How we celebrate Independence day
  • Duties of the Citizen
  • Conclusion(End)

Detailed description for Independence Day:

Welcome the Chief Guest and the guest of honours(if any) and the audience.

Year of Celebration:
Mention the year of the celebration from the Independence. Example: For India August 15 2011 is going to be 65th year of independence.

Struggle for Freedom:  
Mention the details on How did the country get Independence. Mention the role of leaders men , women and their sacrifices for the independence of the country.

Role of Leaders:
Mention the role of any two or three main leaders their principle and their ways by which they followed to gain independence.  Mention few women freedom fighters.  Mention the role of patriots which includes poets, journalists and through their works created a fire or thirst for freedom among the people. Don’t forget to include famous quotes or small poems made by freedom fighters.

Why do we celebrate Independence Day:

To pay our respect and homage to all the people who fought to get freedom for the country. To remember the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters.  Mention the details of the country’s progress and development after Independence. Mention the accomplishments, achievements  of the country and also mention how to overcome the drawbacks in future.

Duties of the Citizen and Conclusion:
Mention how the citizens should contribution for the welfare of the country.  Finally conclude your speech finally by enchanting the slogan of the country .

P.S: This is my idea for the speech , However yours may differ and can even be better. Good luck.