7aum Arivu review - 7aum Arivu Tamil Movie Story,Plot and Verdict

  • Cast:    Suriya, Shruti Haasan, Johnny Tri Nguyen
  • Director: A.R. Murugadoss
  • Music Director:  Harris Jayaraj
  • Cinematographer: Ravi K. Chandran
  • Editing:  Anthony                                                                               
  • Art: Rajeevan
  • Producer: Udhayanidhi Stalin
  • Release date: October  26th , 2011
7aam Arivu poster

7aum Arivu

7 Aum Arivu (Ezham Arivu) also Seventh Sense is a sci-fi Tamil movie. The movie features Surya in the male lead and Shruti Haasan  as the heroine. The movie has such a big hype and the ticket bookings were a grand success. The movie has been released across 400 theatres in Tamilnadu and even in many foreign countries such as Dubai, Singapore , Sri Lanka etc. The combination of Surya , director A . R Murugadoss and Harris Jayaraj join together after the mega hit of Ghajini. The movie is expected to be on a budget of 84 crores.

7aum Arivu Characters:

The story starts years back to a prince named Bodhidarma (Surya). ( It is a true story that Bodhidarma is a Buddhist monk who  later led to creation of the art Shaolinquan. By giving physical training to the Shaolin Monks.) The movie then moves to the present day life with Aravind(Surya) as a circus artist and Subha (Shruti Haasan) as a young scientist.

7aum Arivu Story and Plot:

Bodhidarma is a young prince of the Pallava dynasty. Bodhidarma leaves Kancheepuram obeying his mother’s order and leaves his family behind. He reaches China and helps people in a small village, then the people call him as Damo. Meanwhile Aravind (Surya) plays an important role as a circus artist in the “grand Bombay Circus”. Subha (Shruti haasan) is a young scientist who works on genetics. Aravind fells in love with Subha.  Meanwhile Dong Lee(Johnny Tri Nguyen) travels to India on a mission . The reason for the purpose of the mission and visit is the rest of the story.

7aum Arivu Performance of Actors:

Surya has been doing different performances and he a evolved very much as an actor. His dedication and performance is great as usual. 7aum Arivu is Shrti Haasan’s  first Tamil movie. She has done extremely well as a heroine both in acting, dancing and even in singing. well she is definitely a great all-rounder who will be big competition to fellow heroines. Johnny Tri Nguyen physique is definitely mind- blowing. The role has suited him the best.

Performance of other artists:

A.R.Murugadoss had a tough job in hand. Taking up a story of periodical history and to bring out the idea without disturbing the actual plot is very difficult. The screenplay could have been better and the second half becomes much predictable. Songs dont add much value to the story. Cinematographer Ravi K. Chandran has done a good job. Sets in the first half are also nice.

A different movie  experience,  movie worth watching.