Broadband Internet Service Providers in Tamilnadu, Broadband Plans ,Selection and Advantages

Internet has become increasing popular in India. People have started using internet in gadgets like tablets and mobiles etc. Internet is a useful tool  and can be used to obtain information which can be pretty helpful. In Tamilnadu browsing in internet centers is expensive when compared to the normal usage. In this article I will discuss on how to choose  and get a good internet broadband connection?.

Broadband and Advantages of Broadband:

Now almost all the companies in Tamilnadu are offering Broadband , while is much better and several advantages over the old dial up such as parallel use of landline, better speed and faster downloads Also look up for a ADSL and advanced modems.
Broadband ModemSo don’t go for a dial up unless broadband is not available. This problem might be faced in rural areas where there may be no broadband coverage.

Broadband Service Providers in Tamilnadu:

Below is the list of companies who provide 
Broadband Internet connections  in Tamilnadu.
1.BSNL (Government of India)
The top five companies are well established companies and quite reliable.

Broadband tariff and plans in Tamilnadu

For the latest tariffs and broadband plans refer the websites of the respective broadband service providers.

Helpline Phone numbers of Internet Broadband Service providers in Tamilnadu:

Airtel-121 for Queries

                          198 for complaints
Reliance-Dial 3033555 (Toll free) for reliance network from any landline or mobile

1800- 425- 1957
1504 – Broadband Helpline

 MTS-155 (from any state) Toll free number for MTS user.

 Sify-044 – 22540868

 Vodafone-198 (or) 111

Tata-044 – 60607070

You-044 – 42288200

How to choose your broadband connection?:

The first and foremost thing to look before choosing a broadband connection is to ponder on what type of usage are you going to make.
If you are not exactly aware of bandwidth usage. Its simple. Bandwidth is the data transmitted over the network while we browse. It includes downloads.

1.Bandwidth usage:
Typically a page only with text such as viewing text emails ,chats take up 10 kb . Sending plain text emails take  100 kb , while viewing photos might nearly take 1 MB when viewed in decent resolution. Downloading a song compressed song might take below 3.0MB. While bandwidth for video chatting , viewing videos  movies might uses up a lot.
The reason for emphasizing this is that broadband service providers basically charge on this bandwidth usage. So make sure you are clear on what you are going to browse or use.
2. Budget:
The next thing is to choose your budget. While looking at the tariff plans make sure that the tariffs are inclusive of service taxes otherwise it might take another 50 Rupees extra.
3. Limited or Unlimited Internet:
The biggest mistake that many make here is to choose a cheap plan . For example take a plan for Rs 500 while has a limit of 2GB usage and watch three or four movies per month and take their bills to Rs 2000 and above. So  if the  user had been smarted he could have rather chosen a unlimited plan worth Rs 900 for which he could watched the same and paid the bill for Rs 900.
So it is very important to be aware of the broadband usage you are going to make. One advantage of choosing an unlimited plan is that your bill will not go up beyond the limit.
4. Telephone Line:
You are likely going to take up a telephone line i.e  landline along with your broadband. So check whether the facilities for landline are good.
Now the points in short,
  • Type of user
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Telephone Line

While you are ready with this. You may also need to think about Payment options offered , whether you are going to choose prepaid or Postpaid plans and additional costs such as a cost for modem, Installation cost , one month rental as deposit . Many  companies do not charge for modems now.
You will also need a personal firewall which will protect your system and make it safe.

Documents required for New Broadband Connections :

Below are some of the documents which you need to provide for Address and Identity. You need to provide any of the following:

  • Self attested photograph
  • Photo proof of Identity with your signature
  • Address Proof
  • Voter ID card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Ration card with photo
  • PAN Card
  • Credit card with photo
  • College or University ID card

Some of the good broadband plans in Tamilnadu:

Since I have not used every broadband plan I cannot say the best broadband plan, but below are some attractive plans provided by ISP's which are worth your money.
BSNL: BSNL gives good discounts for Central and State government employees so you might get a discount your monthly bills. Another advantage from BSNL is that they provide free calls (only local and mobiles), so you might save some if you plan to use your landline for making calls.
Reliance: Reliance offers several unlimited plans in broadband with good broadband speeds and bandwidth usage.

How to get a new broadband connection?
You may then need to fill up a registration form with documents required , pay any advance and wait till the time your ISP specifies. Then employees from your ISP will get your broadband installed.   One time configuration is necessary to use broadband.

If you want to check whether your broadband speed is as promised by your ISP then you can perform a check at Broadband Speed Tester which is a free tool for broadband checker and can also test your download and upload speeds.