Director Selvaraghavan Biography, Profile and Movies List

Selvaraghavan is a Tamil director. He is the elder brother of Tamil Actor Dhanush and he has two sisters. His sisters are doctors. His father is also a  director. He graduated in bachelor of Engineering in the group of Mechanical Engineering. He started as a director after completing his graduation. He married Sonia Agarwal in 15 December 2006 . The couple later got separated after two years in 2009. He then married Geetanjali in 2011 who worked with him as an assistant director in  Aaayirathil Oruvan. You can catch  him at Selvarghavan in twitter

Director Selvaraghavan Biodata:

Real name: Selvaraghavan
Date of birth: June 6,1977 (Age 34)
Occupation: Director, Writer, Lyricist and Singer
Selvaraghavan photo
Hometown: Chennai
Spouse: Sonia Agarwal (2006-2009), Gitanjali (2011-Present)
Years Active: 2003- present

Career as a lyricist ,Singer and Writer:

Selvaraghavan started his career as a writer for  Thulluvadho Illamai (2003). His father Kasthuri raja directed the movie and his brother Dhanush played the male lead. The movie was a decent hit. As a lyricist, he wrote the lyrics for songs in Aayirathi Oruvan (Except Thai Thindra Manne). In Mayakkam Enna he wrote the lyrics for three songs 'Naan Sonnadhum Mazhaivandhucha', 'Voda Voda Dhooram Korayala' and 'Ennena Seidhom Ingu'. As a singer he sang the song 'Kadhal En Kaadhal' in Maykkam Enna.

Director Selvaraghavan Filmography – Movies list:

Kaadhal Konden:

Selvaraghavan’s first project as director was Kaadhal Konden in 2003. He achieved great success as director and script writer. Kaadhal Konden featured Vinod (Dhanush) a youngster who grows up in the care of a Church and he gets into a college unwillingly. He meets up Sonia Agarwal in his class who becomes his friend where other students shun him. Divya falls in love with Aadhi (Sudeep). Divya’s father disapproves her love. One day Vinod kidnaps Divya to Ooty in the pretext of promising that she will see Aadhu in Ooty. Then Divya realizes that Vinod is a psychopath and wants her to marry him. Later Aadhi meets Vinod there and starts up a violent fight. The story ends with Vinod and Aadhi struggling at the edge of a cliff. Divya gets hold of a strong bark. Divya doesn’t give up to leave his friend and boyfriend. The story ends as Vinod leaves himself and falls off into the abyss.

7G Rainbow Colony:

This was Selvargahavan’s third successive movie with Yuvan Shankar Raja as  music director. 7G Rainbow colony featured Kadhir (RaviKrishna) as a member from a middle class family, who is poor in studies and involves in fights along with his friends. He falls in love with Anita (Sonia Agarwal ) a North Indian who moves into the Rainbow Colony. He tries to persuade her eventhough she avoids him. She realizes that kadhir is talented and tries to help him in the field of motorcycle reassembling. He then does the job when she says she loves him. Anita’s father faces loose in his business and to clear the debt he tris to engage Anita with a rich boy. Anita escapes and meets Kadhir in a hotel where they sleep together. The next day Anita argues that he loved her for sex and they both get hit by separate vehicles in the road. While Anita dies of the accident Kadhir survives. Kadhir tries to attempt suicide in which he ails while Anita comes to help him when he realizes that she does it in the way of an angel. The project was a commercial success as the script well boosted with music and actors performances.


Pudupettai was a violent movie based on the people in the slum areas of Chennai. The film saw Actor Dhanush (Kokki Kumar) in the lead role. It is said that since the film resembled with Pattiyal, Selvaraghavan made some changes in the script. Kokki Kumar who father a murderer wants to murder him too so he runs away from his house. He gets arrested falsely and in the jail he meets a local goon gives him some small jobs and later he turns a gangster after killing a enemy gang head. He meets Krishnaveni (Sneha) who is a prostitute and works under Anbu. He starts to love Krishnaveni . This infuriates Anbu who wants to kill Kokki Kumar. But Anbu gets killed by Kumar and Kumar becomes the head of that area. He then meets Selvi (Sonia Agarwal) and marries her. He faces a lot of troubles from enemy gangs and the story portrays whether he is able to survive or not. The film had violence and bloody gore since it concentrated on a low profile life. It received mixed reviews.

Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule:

Selvaraghavan made his Telugu debut in Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule. Venkatesh as Ganesh played the role of middle class family who struggles to get a job. He then sees Keerthi (Trisha) and falls in love with her. Luckily he gets employed in the same company. He gets a chance to go to Austral along with his friends and Keerthi. He then tells her about his love in Australia. Keerthi refuses his love and says she is already engaged. He returns to India upset about his love. Seeing his son in the stare his father decides to meet Keerthi to convince her. She abuses both the father and son . the father dies in the same night due to a heart attack. Vasu a friend of Ganesh helps him by taking him to his hometown .Ganesh comes to know that his friend Vasu is the guy who is going to get married to Keerthi. After several events Keerthi falls in love with Ganesh . Her family disapproves them but later accepts them ending the movie. It was a big commercial success. It paved way for a lot of awards for actors and artists. It was also remade in Tamil as Yaaradi nee Mohini.

Aayirathil Oruvan (2010):

Aayirathil Oruvan was given 'A' rating by the Censor Board. The story starts when Emperor Chola sends his people to a mystery location to save them from the invasion in 1279 AD. The movie continues with a group of porters, archaeologist ,members of army in an expedition to search an archaeologist Chandramouli who gets lost in the place the lost Chola retreated to. The team is led by Anitha (Reema Sen), the members of army are led by Ravishekaran , accompanied by an archeologist Lavanya(Andrea) who is the daughter of Chandramouli. Karthi as Muthu is one of the porters. The group faces several threats and traps in their way. Many porters and army men get killed in these traps. Muthu, anita and Lavanya get separated from the rest and find the Chola King (Parthiban) and their people still waiting for the messenger. The king orders that the three must be burnt alive as sacrifices. Anitha tells the king that she is the messenger from the homeland. She tries to deceive the king by seducing. The king suspects her actions as they did not match with what their ancestors told. Anita poisons water sources and kills the priest. She escapes with the idol of Pandava later revealing that she is a descendent of the pandava dynasty. The king realizes that Karthi is the real messenger. army wages war with the people of Cholas and capture them. While many of the women are raped by the army men . The king and others drown in the seas. Karthi and a small boy escapes eventually getting back to India thereby saving the Chola prince. The film received mixed reviews while some claimed that the story and plot was poised and wasn’t true facts. Some praised the project for its attempt. It was a commercial success. Actor Dhanush sang the song 'Un mela Aasa Dhaan'.

Mayakkam Enna:

Mayakkam Enna is Director Selvaraghavan’s third film with Tamil Actor Dhanush. Dhanush as Karthik is an aspiring photographer who is interested in Wild-life photography. He inspires Madhesh (Ravishankar ) He lives with his friends Sundar (Sundar Ramu), Vindhya (Shilpi Kiran), Padmini (Pooja Balu), Shankar (Madhivanan Rajendran). Sundar introduces his girlfriend Yamini (Richa Gangopadhyay) to Karthik. Karthik and Yamini fall in love and later they marry each other. One day he learns that Madhesh cheats and wins an International award by claiming Karthik’s shots as his. He gets upset and starts to drink. One day a furious fight forces Yamini to abort her child and she decides to stop speaking to him. But Karthik finally makes a comeback in his life and wins an awards as a Wildlife Photographer. The movie ends when Yamini starts speaking to Karthik.

Irandaam Ulagam:

Irandaam Ulagam is Selvaraghavan’s next Tamil movie. The hero of Irandaam Ulagam is Arya while Anushka Shetty plays the female lead. The music director  is Harris Jayaraj. Vinay is the producer. The cinematography is handled by Ramji. The project  is still in the early stages.