Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Tamilnadu

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary:

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary BoardVedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is one of the tourist attractions in Tamilnadu. The conservation area is located in the district of Kancheepuram , Tamilnadu. The place is about 80kms from Chennai and can be reached via Chengalpattu.  The  park is spread over a wide area of 30 hectares. Vedanthangal is a Tamil word which means “Hamlet of the Hunter”(Vedan- Hunter) . The area was used as a hunting spot thousands of years ago . Vedanthangal is one of the earliest ones of the country .

The place was turned into a sanctuary as early as 1798 by the British government. The park has small lakes which serves as the breeding grounds for migratory birds. They migrate from various countries.  November to March is the best time to visit the park , otherwise you might get disappointed. The village people have given their cooperation along with the government  to make the place more better for the birds. The sanctuary has a lot of small lakes which makes it attractive for the species.There are thousands of Barringtonia trees. Monkeys can be spotted around the area as well.

Vedanthangal Sanctuary Birds

Bird species found in Vedanthangal  Sanctuary:

  • Darter

  • Cormorants,

  • Little Egrets,

  • Grebes,

  • Moorhen,

  • Large Egret, ,

  • Paddy ,

  • Pond Heron,

  • Painted Stork,

  • Pintails,

  • Night Herons,

  • Shovellers

  • Sandpiper,

  • White Ibis,

  • Terns,

  • Open Billed Stock (Bangladesh )

  • Grey heron (Bangladesh)

  • Painted Stork (Siberia)

  • Glossy Ibis (Sri Lanka),

  • Spoonbill (Myanmar),

  • Spot Bill Duck (Canada) etc

Vedanthangal Sanctuary full view
Source: Wikipedia
The journey is a bit through narrow roads as the place is a village. The Vedanthangal sanctuary also has a Watch tower to get a better view of the birds. There was one telescope available in the park when I visited the place. Anyway it would be better if you have a high resolution binoculars. Bird Watchers love this place and this can be nice family visit if you visit the park in the right season.

Vedanthangal Sanctuary Timings: The park is open from 6 am to 6 pm .

There is also one more park which is located 9 kms away from Vedhanthangal called Karikili Bird Sanctuary.   So you can take a look at that one if you can afford time.