Actor Atharva Biography, Profile and his List of Movies

Actor Atharva:

Atharva is an upcoming Tamil actor and he was born on May 7, 1989. His Birthplace is Chennai, Tamilnadu.  Atharva is an engineer and started his acting career in 2010. He is the second child of couple of late actor Murali and Shoba.  He has so far acted in two Tamil films as hero and currently doing his third project ‘Paradesi’.  His father Murali died of a heart attack a month after Baana Kaathadi was released.

It was because of his grandfather who changed Atharva's mind to become an actor. Earlier he had said that he wanted to become a dhobi and then a football player.

Tamil Actor Atharva Movie List:

Baana Kaathadi (2010):

actor atharva still
Actor Atharva
'Banna Kaathadi' is Atharva’s first movie in the Tamil film industry.  The project was directed by Badri Venkatesh. The movie featured Atharva as Ramesh and Samantha Ruth Prabhu as Priya. Actor Prasanna as Ravi, Karunas as Kumar played the other notable roles. His father Murali made a cameo appearance in the movie.  Yuvan Shankar raja was the music director.

The plot starts off with Ramesh falls off Priya while he was flying the kite. The pen drive which contains Priya’s college project works falls into Ramesh’s pocket with neither of them realizing it. Later Samantha notices that the pen-drive is missing and searches for Ramesh and finds him. Believing that he had stolen it she humiliates him.  Ramesh, unaware that the pen-drive had fallen in his pocket refuses that he had taken it. While Ramesh’s mother was washing his clothes she finds the pen-drive, Ramesh realizing that it was his mistake takes the pen-drive back to Priya. Attracted by his attitude they both become friends. Later they fall in love with each other.  Certain events lead to misunderstanding which leads to their break-up.

Meanwhile Ramesh witnesses a murder of an ex-MLA by Ravi (Prasanna) a local gangster, shocked by witnessing it he runs way where he trips over an old man. The next day the ex-MLA’s son along with the old man comes to the police station claiming that they can identify the witness.  The inspector wants Ramesh to be killed with the help of a goon. Priya calls Ramesh to meet at the bus stop where they first met each other.  Ramesh arrives and they hold their hands for a while. Ravi who comes to kill Ramesh changes his mind due to conscience. The goon supposedly sent to kill Ramesh also enters the bus.  Ramesh slips off the footsteps thus losing his life. The goon goes away, while his mother, Priya and friends mourn his death.

Ko (2011):

Adharvaa made a special appearance in a song in Jeeva’s starrer ‘Ko’.

Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal (2012):

Muppozhudum Un Karpanaigal(MUK) was a romantic thriller starring Adharvaa and Amala Paul in the lead roles.  MUK starts with Atharva as Ram trying to kill two drunken men but they escape in the car.   Ram works in an IT company. The CEO of the company Charu (Amala Paul) comes to India from USA.  She gets engaged to Vicky. Ram lives with Charu in an apartment in Bangalore. Later Ram is seen to murder one of the drunken guys.

Charu wants to know more about Ram. So he takes the help of Chandru (Santhanam). Chandru convinces Ram to lift Charu to her home .On the way their car is being hit by a lorry deliberately. Ram gets injured while she escapes unhurt. She then takes Ram to her uncle, doctor (Jayaprakash). Ram reveals that he had met Charu in Chennai during his visit for a competition. They start working together for the project.  They get into trouble when her laptop goes corrupt. So Charu goes to a party to meet her friend who has a USB backup of the project.  There she gets teased by two guys (one shown murdered by Ram in an earlier) who were sons of bigwigs. She files a complaint with the police which the two guys don’t like. Ram sees the two guys when goes to see Charu. They go on to present the project while Ram realizes he had missed something and goes back to retrieve it. He comes back to the venue on time and sees the two guys at the venue. Shocked at seeing he chases them and couldn’t find them. He finally sees that Charu gets pushed into the car by two guys which he assumes as the teasers. He gets hit by a car chasing the car assumed to have kidnapped her. He then goes back home and waits for her even without changing his soiled clothes.
Shocked to hear this Charu tells her uncle that it was her to whom Ram was referring to and reveals what had happened. She wins the completion andit was a test put by her father as she could manage the company by herself. Her father and his friend the take her into the car which Ram misunderstands. She then goes to USA.

Latha and the doctor the see Ram talking to a girl named Charu. They then visit the place where the number of Charu speaks. She then says that Ram keeps calling her and refuses to accept that she isn’t Charu.  Then they visit the apartment of Ram before he arrives. They see that Ram hugs an empty space assuming to be Charu.  Then doctor explains that Ram is suffering from delusions. The doctor convinces Charu to act as the girl that Ram is assuming to be with him. Then Charu finds that Ram has killed the two guys who had teased her. Doctor finally plans to fake a murder of Charu so that it can help Ram. The plan fails, but Charu gets kidnapped by two guys who are friends of Vicky. They want to murder her because Vicky was a gay. Ram saves her and finally they unite.