Actor Karthi Biodata, Biography and Movies List

Actor Karthi - Early Life and Career :

Tamil Actor Karthi was born in Chennai on 25th May 1977. Karthi is the younger brother of Actor Surya and the youngest son of actor Sivakumar.  He is also the brother-in-law of actress Jyothika.  He holds a degree in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and did his Masters in Industrial Engineering in Binghamton University in the United States.

He initially started his career as an assistant director to director Mani Rathnam and later turned as an actor.  He is also involed in several social welfare activates. He started ‘Makkal Nala Mandram’ . He is the brand ambassador o promote awareness for lysosomal storage disease . He played Neengalum Vellalaam Oru Kodi (NVOK) in STAR Vijay TV and donated 12,50,000 lac prize money to a NGO which helps people affected by Lysosomal storage disease. He married Ranjani on July 3rd 2011. Ranjani is a MA graduate from Stella Maris College.

Actor Karthi Biodata:

Name: Karthi Sivakumar
Father: Sivakumar
Mother: Lakshmi
DOB: 25th May 1977 (Age:35)
Brother: Surya
Sister-In-law: Jyothika.
Wife: Ranjani
Occupation: Actor

Actor Karthi List of Movies :

Paruthiveeran (2007):

Paruthiveeran was the first movie of Actor Karthi. The movie was directed by Ameer . The movie featured Karthi as Paruthiveeran as a local rowdy in the rural village in Madurai. Paruthiveeran along with his uncle Chevvaazhai (Saravanan) gets involved in small level crimes and he wants to feature in TV news for his crimes and to be in Madras Jail. Muthuazhagu played by actress Priyamani plays the female lead. As a kid she gets saved by Paruthiveeran after accidently falling off in a well due to which she owes to marry him. She continues to love him as years pass by while Paruthiveeran avoids her. Muthuazhagu’s father Kazhuvathevan (Ponvannan) gives much importance to caste and doesn’t want her daughter to go after Paruthiveeran. After a while he realizes her true love and decides to marry her.  Kazhuvathevan wants his daughter to marry the bride he has chosen for her. Parutiveeran and Muthuazhagu decide to elope and they get away from their houses. Whether they join or not is the rest of the story.

The movie was a big box office hit. The actors and artists bagged many awards. Actress Priyamani received the National Award for Best Actress. The debut movie for Karthi was a huge success.  

Karthi bagged three awards for Paruthiveeran.

  • Filmfare Award for Best Actor- Male
  • Vijay Award for Best debut - Male
  • Tamilnadu State Film Special Prize

Aayirathil Oruvan (2010):

Aayirathil Oruvan was directed by Selvaraghavan and the movie received mixed reviews. To know more about the movie read Aayirathil Oruvan.

Paiyaa (2010):

Paiyaa directed by Lingusammy featured Karthi as Shiva, a carefree man. Tamannaah played the female lead.  The movie features around Karthi a callous guy who is backed by good friends. His friends want him to take up a job. They assist him in attending the interviews. One day he sees a girl Tamannaah as Charulatha while going for an interview. He skips the interview and follows her. While taking his friends’ car he meets the girl. Assuming him to be the cab driver she asks him to take her to the airport.  He accepts her offer.  Events then lead him to take her to Mumbai on her request. On their way both of them are being chased by mafia gangs.  Shiva saves himself and Charulatha from the gang and they unite at last which makes the climax. The movie was a box-office hit.

Naan Mahan Alla (2010):

Naan Mahaan Alla was directed by Sussendhiran. The movie starred Karthi as (Jeeva Prakasam), Kajal Agarwal , Jayapraksh and Soori. The movie was based on a real life incident. Music was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.  Jeeva son of a call taxi driver (Jayaprakash) leads a normal life. He meets Priya (Kajal Agarwal) in a wedding and they fall for each other. Jeeva then gets a job.  Jeeva’s father meanwhile gets involved in an accident, but he survives. It is then revealed that he is targeted by a gang of youngsters. Flashback reveals that the youngsters help their friend to marry his girl.  They help him to get the girl out of her house as her parents protest.  They get to the taxi of Jeeva’s father. He protests as he believes that they are trying to kidnap the girl. They manage to convince him and get out of the car.   A few members of the gang being sociopaths murder their friend and rape his girl. They chop them and threw the parts into a drain. Meanwhile the gang wants Jeeva’s father to be killed and they plan a conspiracy. They succeed. Karthi finds the gang and avenges the death of his father.

The movie was a box-office hit. Sussendhiran was praised for his script and Karthi’s acting was splendid too.

Siruthai  (2011):

Siruthai was Karthi’s first movie in a double role.  ‘Siruthai’ is a remake of the Telgu movie ‘Vikramarkudu’. Rocket Raja a thief who steals everything is enjoying his life with his partner in profession Kaatupuchi  (Santhanam) . Tamannaah (Sweetha ) is an innocent girl who falls for Rocket Raja without knowing his real identity. One day a small girl Divya ends up in Rocket Raja’s care. Looking back at the girl’s past her father is Rathnavel Pandian  a cop, who is a lookalike of Rocket Raja. Rathnavel Pandian a strict cop is against a mafia in Devipattinam who end up injuring his head thereby he cutting his life short.  So his friends put her in Raja’s care as she would not be tracked by her father’s enemies. Rathnavel Pandian finally succumbs to his enemies. Inspired by his courage Rocket raja takes up his identity and finishes things off.

Ko (2011):

 He made a special appearance in KV Anand’s ‘Ko’ as himself in a song.


Saguni is actor Karthi’s next movie. He pairs up with Pranitha. His combination with comedian Santhanam is widely expected after their successful show in Siruthai.  GV Prakash Kumar is the music director and the audio launch is expected to take place on June 2nd 2012. The movie was released on June 22nd 2012 and was a decent hit.

Alex Pandian:

Alex Pandian was stars Karthi, Anushka and Santhanam in the lead roles. Alex Pandian was directed by Suraaj and was released on 11th January 2013. Manobala, Suman , Milind Soman , Nikitha played the supporting roles. Read the full review of Alex Pandian.