Director Bala Biography, Biodata and List of movies

Director Bala
Director Bala
Director Bala was born in Periyakulam, Theni district, Tamil Nadu,. He is a graduate in Tamil literature. In his early career he worked as an assistant director to Balu Mahendra in five films. He started off as a director in Sethu in 1999. He has made five films till now and has won several awards and critical acclaims. Bala is well known for evoking emotions of audience with simple plots. Director Sasikumar worked under him as an assistant director.

Bala Biodata:

Name : Bala
DOB: 11th July 1966
Father: Palanisamy
Mother: Pachiammal
Wife: Muthumalar
Occupation: Director, screenplay writer and Producer.

Director Bala - List of Movies:

Naan Kadavul(2009)
Avan Ivan(2011)


Sethu (1999) starred actor Vikram (Chiyaan) a rough college student. He often involves in petty fights along with his group of friends. His brother (Sivakumar) criticizes him frequently, while his sister-in-law supports him. He falls in love with Abitha a junior college student and daughter of a priest. She initially refuses to love him but later accepts him. When Abitha’s sister accidently gets into brothel, Sethu rescues her. Meanwhile the goons hit back and seriously injure Sethu leading him to join a mental institution. He loses the memory of his past. When Abitha visits him he fails to recognize her. He then gets back his memory and realizes that it was Abitha and escapes out of the institution. Het visits her house where she is dead, apparently she commits suicide. The movie ends when the workers of the institution reach him.
The movie received critical acclaims. The movie’s character became popular which added up as a prefix to Vikram’s name as ‘Chiyaan Vikram’. He won the filmfare award for the best Actor South. The movie received the best National Award for best Feature film in Tamil. Bala received the Best Director Awards Filmfare and State Award for Best director.


Nandha (2001) starred Surya as Nandha, Laila as Kalyani in lead roles. It made the debut of comedian Karunas. Nandha a juvenile convict accused of murdering his father is released from jail. He wants to lead a new life and tries to join college. But due to his past as a convict he is refused a seat. His mother and his sister find it difficult to comeback in their life out of the tragedy. However Rajkiran a college principal shows mercy on him and admits him into his college .He also guides him closely as his real son. Rajkiran helps Srilankan Tamils to get into his college. Kalyani (Laila) a Tamil exile meets Surya and falls for him. Saravanan wants Rajkiran’s help in an anti-social activity .When Rajkiran refuses he gets angry. When Rajkiran falls ill and gets admitted to hospital, he kills him with the help of Rajkiran’s son-in-law. They frame Nandha for Rajkiran’s murder, angered by their actions; Nandha then murders the son-in-law of Rajkiran. Having the burden of his son being accused as murderer, his mother finds it difficult to digest it. In the end she poisons his food without Nandha’s knowledge. They consume the meal. Eventhough Surya realizes that the food is poisoned he happily consumes it and they both die.

The film turned out to be a boost to Surya’s career. The movie did well in the box-office.


The movie starts with Chithan (Vikram) who is orphaned and he lives with a graveyard caretaker and later takes up his job after his death. He is devoid of human contacts; he lives seeing dead bodies every day. Gomathy (Sangeetha) takes pity on him and takes him to the owner of ganja fields where she works. The owner of the Ganja farm gives him a job there. He exploits and often uses Chithan to cover his crimes. Meanwhile Sakthi (Surya) sells small stuff, when he cheats Manju (Laila) which leads into a fight with Sakthi and Sakthi ends up in jail. Sakthi meets Chithan and shows mercy on him .He tries to help him out and wants him to get out of the farm and to stop helping the farm owner. The villain gets irritated by it and kills Sakthi. Gomathi lashes out at Chithan as he doesn’t get moved by Sakthi’s death. Later he goes to the cannabis farms and thrashes the villain out in streets as the movie ends there.

Naan Kadavul:

Naan Kadavul stars actor Arya and actress Pooja in the lead roles. The movie starts with a father searching for his son in Kaasi. He leaves his son Rudran (Arya) in Kaasi on advice of his astrologer. He is shocked to finds his son as an Agori and brings him back to Tamilnadu. The family finds it difficult to control Rudran as he never gets accustomed to the new culture. The story moves back to Thandavan (Rajendran) who makes money by forcing physically challenged people into begging. Hamsaveni (Pooja) a blind girl who makes her livelihood by making small plays is forcefully into beggar by Thandaven’s men. The movie shows the cruelty enforced by Thandaven into the beggars. One day Thandvan tries to sell Hamsaveni to marry a deformed guy for 10 lacs. The guy rejects the deal as Hamseveni resists going with him. Annoyed by Hamsaveni’s actions Thandaven with his goons thrashes Hamsaveni badly as she comes to Rudran to rescue her. Rudran is shown with blood whooping out of his forehead. Later it is shown that Rudran kills Thandavan in the fight and the injury in the forehead is caused due to the fight, Rudran also kills Pooja to free her from the curse.
The movie received two national awards- Best Director Bala and Best make-up artist U.K.Sasi.

Avan Ivan:

Avan Ivan starred actor Vishal and Arya, Madhshalini, Janani Iyer in the lead roles. Bala joined hands with music director Yuvan Shankar Raja for the second time after Nandha. Walter (Vishal) and Kumbudren Saamy (Arya) are half-brothers; their mothers get into fights along with them. By their family tradition they are thieves. Walter gets acquainted with ‘Highness’ the Zaminder of the village. He encourages Walter to pursue acting in plays and to leave the tradition of being a thief. Kumbudren Saamy is still a thief. After some events Kumbudren Sammy falls in love with Thenmozhi(Madhushalaini) and Walter falls for baby (Janani Iyer) a police constable. The plot gets into a twist when RK a cattle smuggler is exposed by the Zamindar, he gets his revenge by killing him. This angers Kumburen Saamy and Walter. They kill RK to avenge theirs friend Zaminder’s death.

Vishal was praised for playing a squint in the movie. Avan Ivan had more comedy than any other Bala movie.


Bala’s upcoming movie is Paradesi which stars Actor Atharva, Vedhika, Tanshika in the lead roles. Unlike other Bala films the movie has been completed in 80 days.

Director Bala contact details- with phone number and email id:

Old No. 36, New No. 18,
Nathamuni Street, T.Nagar
Chennai - 600 017.

Telephone number: 044 - 28152919

Source of Contact details and Picture courtesy: Director Bala’s official website