Director Sasikumar Biography and List of Movies

Director Sasikumar Early Life and Career:

Director Sasikumar
Director Sasikumar
Sasikumar is a young Tamil actor, movie Director and producer. He comes from a village in Madurai ,Puthuthamaraipetti . He is a BBA graduate. Sasikumar started his career as an assistant director to Bala and Ameer. He worked with Bala in Sethu and with Ameer in Mounam Pesiyadhe and in Raam. His popularity came through Subramaniyapuram where he wrote the story, screenplay and directed the movie. He produced the movie as well. The low budget movie was a box – office hit which made him popular. He apparently continued acting as a hero and produced other movies as well.

Actor and Tamil Movie Director Sasikumar’s List of Movies:


The movie starts with a convict being released from a prison gets stabbed by a person. It takes us back to the life of callous youths in Madurai set at the 1980’s. A movie is set in the 80’s with a gang of five friends Azhagra (Jai) and Paraman (Sasikumar) , Kaasi (Ganja Karuppu ) and Dopa and Dumka. In their neighborhood they have a family consisting of councilor Somu , Tulasi (Swathi) his daughter , his brother Kanagu (Samutiirakani). The friends often end up in jail due to petty crimes and they get bailed out by Kanagu and Somu. Meanwhile Tulasi and Azhagar fall in love with each other. After some indications Somu loses party’s councilor’s post. So he asks Azhagar and Paraman to murder the new councilor. They murder him but they are forced to leave their cycle behind. Police trace them back with the help of the cycle and they get arrested for the murder. They believed that they would be helped by Kanagu and Somu. But to their utter shock as Somu avoids them as he becomes the new councilor. But a fellow inmate offers them help to get them out in return of a favor. They get released and they want o revenge Somu and Kanagu for betraying them. Meanwhile Kanagu to get escape from these friends puts Tulasi as bait and gets Azhagar killed by his criminal gang. Paraman beheads Kanagu for killing his friend. He calls up kais to say about what happened and he could see Somu’s men coming behind him. Kaasi betrays Paraman for money and Paraman gets killed. The story comes back to the present where it is revealed that it was Kaasi who got stabbed and gets admitted in a hospital. Domka meets him where he reveals that Dopa stabbed him and removes his air supply revenging him for his betrayal.

Sasikumar introduced James Vasanthan as a music director for the movie. Apparently, James Vasanthan has been his music teacher in his school. The movie was a huge hit.


The film features a group of three friends.- Karunakaran (Sasikumar), Pandi (Bharani) and Chandran (Vijay Vasanth). Karunakaran is in love with his uncle’s daughter Ananya .His uncle is ready to get the duo married if he gets a government job. Chndran his friend is in love with Karunakaran’s sister Pavithra (Abhinaya). One day Karunakaran’s childhood friend a son of ex-MP visits him. While Karunakaran is away he makes a failed suicide attempt. His friend reveals that he is in love with a daughter of a MLA and both of their parents don’t approve their marriage. The trio of friends set to Namakkal to kidnap the girl and unite them. The trio success in kidnapping g the girl but the trio gets severely injured. They help the couple to put them in a place unidentifiable by their parents. As things move by, One day they find that the couple had separated by mutual consent and they agree to marry the brides arranged by their parents. Shocked by their actions the trio decides to teach them a lesson. The rest makes the climax.


Sasikumar produced Director Pandiraj’s National award winning movie Pasanga which starred actor Vimal. For more information on the movie read Vimal's pasanga .


Eesan was written, directed and produced by Sasikumar. Eesan shows a rich guy Chezhian(Vaibhav) who is spoilt . His father a politician would help him to get out of troubles. The assistant commissioner of police Sangayya (Samuthirakani) annoyed by his actions has his hands tied by his father DeivaNayagam. Chezhian falls in love with a daughter of a businessman Reshma. After some events the families agree to their marriage. Meanwhile Chezhian gets kidnapped and gets into the case. He finds that a class11 student Eesan is the kidnapper.
Flashback rolls out that Easan’s sister Poorani (Abhinaya) was raped by Chezhian and his friends in a party. His family commits suicide by taking poisoned coffee due to this incident. Eesan manages to survive as he takes less amount of poison. Poorani’s friend reveals to Eesan that it was Chezhian who raped his sister. Eesan reveals this to Sangayya. What happened to Chezhiyan and the events that unfold makes the rest of the story.

Director Sasikumar joined hands with music director James Vasanthan for the second time after Subramaniapuram. The movie fared below expectations in the box office. It didn’t do well compared to his previous blockbusters such as Subramaniapuram and Naadodigal.


Sasikumar made a guest appearance in a song in the movie ‘Ko. ’


Poorali was directed and written by Samuthirakani. The plot begins when Ilankumaran(Sasikumar) and Nallavan(Allari Naresh) escape from a place from a guy and they land in Chennai. They end upon in Nallavan’s friend Pullikutti’s (Ganja Karuppu) residence. They find a job in a petrol bank. Nallavan falls in love with a colleague in the petrol bank. They decide to start a business to use their free time. Ganja Karuppu’s advertises for their business with their photos along. This irritates s Kumaran. When things go well for them, one day they are being chased by a gang. They reveal that they Kumaran and Naalavan were mentally affected. Kumaran was tortured and ill-treated by his stepmother to grab his wealth. He escapes and settles in Chennai as shown earlier. After several twists, Kumaran’s uncle lists him as the inheritor of his wealth. This irritates his stepmother’s family as they want him to change the will. The movie ends after some interesting twists.



  • Filmfare Best Tamil Director
  • Filmfare Award for Best Film – Tamil
  • Vijay Award for Best Director

National Award for Best Feature Film in Tamil