Billa 2 Celebrity Reviews and Interesting Facts

Ajith Kumar’s Billa 2 has less than fourty eight hours from its release. The fan fever has gripped the movie and movie is creating new records with its theatrical release. In this post I’m highlighting the interesting facts about Billa 2’s before its release.
  • Billa 2 set to be screened in 76 shows in Mayajaal! on the first day of its release, which is the highest number of shows for any movie.  Here is a sneak peek screenshot below:

Update 12/7/12: Now it has been increased to 82 screens!
  • There are no previews for the movie in Tamilnadu on Thursday (tomorrow) , but the movie will have special  shows starting from 4.00 A.M!
  • There will be special premier shows abroad on July 12th.
  • You wouldn’t have expected this, BIlla 2 fever is more in Sri Lanka than in India, this is according to the latest Google trends where Billa 2 is searched more followed by India!, screenshot below:
  • The movie is set to be widely released worldwide including USA, UAE, Australia, Malaysia, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, Sri Lanka etc.
  • Overall Billa 2 has managed to bag 200 plus overseas theaters for its release making Billa 2 one of the biggest Tamil film releases abroad.
  • Billa 2 is also expected to be one of the highest Tamil film grossers only after Superstar’s Enthiran.
  • A special preview was held in Mumbai by the producer hosted for their family and friends (obviously attended by Ajith too), the preview attracted reviews from the celebrity manager Pragdish Roy and Eramurkuan dialogue writer of Billa2 .They expressed their views in the micro blogging site Twitter.
  • The celebrity manager tweeted “Yup! Its too good ! people wouldn’t have seen Ajith like this before”
  • Meanwhile the dialogue writer of Billa 2 Eramurukan tweeted his praise to Ajithkumar and director Chakri Toleti. His tweets “ Cheers Chakri , Another feather in your cap”  . Another tweet from him “ T Superb is the word- I told Ajith”. He also requested Ajith Kumar not to perform risky stunt scenes like the one he took in the climax sequence.