Director Ameer Biography and Movies List

Director Ameer
Director Ameer
Ameer Sultan was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.  He started as an assistant director to director Bala. He worked in Bala’s Sethu in 1999. He owns a production company Teamwork Production House. He is also the current president of FEFSI (Film Employees’ Federation of South India).

Ameer Bio data:

Name: Ameer Sultan
DOB: December 5 1966
Age: 45 (as of 2/7/2012)
Occupation: Actor, Director, Screenplay writer, Producer

Ameer Sultan Movies List:

Mounam Pesiyadhe:

Ameer started off as a director in Mounam Pesiyadhe which starred Suriya, Trisha Krishnan, Nandha and in the lead roles. It was actress Trisha’s debut as a heroine.
Gautham (Suriya) owns a restaurant; his friend Kannan (Nandha) believes in love and often keeps flirting with girls. Guatham is just the opposite and doesn’t believe in love. Kannan falls for Mahi , but his family arranges marriage for him with his cousin Sandhya (Trisha Krishnan). He seeks the help of Guatham to stop his marriage. Gautham agrees to speak to Sandhya on stopping the marriage when she reveals that she isn’t interested in marrying Kannan. Gautham falls for her while he keeps his love within his heart, after some events he comes to know that Sandhya is going to marry another guy. Heartbroken by her decision Gautham is then proposed by Laila who loves him from college.  


Raam was directed and produced by Ameer. Raam featured actor Jiiva, Gajala and Saranya Ponvannan in the lead roles. Rahman , Kunal Shah and Ganja Karuppu played the supporting roles.
The movie starts when Rama Krishna (Jiiva) and Saradha (Saranya Ponvannan) are lying in a pool of blood. Police barge in to find that Raam is still alive. They arrest him on charges of her mother’s murder. The past event is revealed as a flashback.  Raam is the son of Sharada who is a school teacher. He studies in a college along with Karthika. Raam has issues with his social behavior and doesn’t mingle easily with people. Meanwhile Karthika (Gajala) Falls for Raam. Ganja Karuppu who earns his livelihood by offering horse rides is close with Raam and his mother. One day Sharada is murdered and Raam is accused of her murder. Then the police try to find the motive behind the murder. Later the police comes to know that Raam is not the real murderer and it turns out to be Karthik’s brother Shakthi(Kunal Shah) who murdered Sharada as she gets to now about his addiction to drugs. Shakthi kidnaps Karthika and Raam searches for him and shoots him in the end.


Paruthiveeran was directed by Ameer Sultan. The movie starred Actor Karthi his debut movie, Priyamani, Saravanan, Ganja Karuppu in the lead roles. Paurthiveeran was shot in the hot suns in Madurai. The director was praised for his portrayal of his script. You can read full review of Paruthiveeran.


Aadhibhagavan is Ameer’s next movie . He has written and directed the movie. The movie stars Jayam Ravi and Neetu Chnadra in the lead roles.The movie is being filmed and is in the early stages.

Ameer as an actor:


Ameer made his debut as an actor in Yogi. Yogi was directed by Subramanium Siva and was produced by Ameer Sultan. The film was a remake of South-African movie Tsotsi. Yogi featured Ameer and Madhumita in the lead roles. Swathi, Ponvannan and Ganja Karuppu played the supporting roles. Yogeshwaran (Ameer) known as Yogi lives in a slum with a group of three gangsters involved in robberies and murders. One day, Yogi when involved in a robbery gets chased by the police who in turn who gets into a car parked by another woman. While he flies he hears the cry of a baby and is surprised to find a baby in the back seat of the car. He decides to abandon the car and leave the baby but as he baby cries he decides to take the baby with him.  He gets very attached to the baby. Meanwhile the real mother (Swathi) of the baby searches for her baby. Meanwhile the flashback reveals Yogi’s dark past which made him a gangster. Yogi tries to unite the baby with his real mother but the baby reaches the real father who wants the baby killed. Yogi tries to save the baby and to get it back to his real mother.

Yudham Sei:

Ameer danced in ‘Kanni Theevu Ponna’ song in Mysskin’s Yudham Sei.