Powerstar Dr.Srinivasan Biography,Profile and Movies List

Powerstar Dr Srinivasan StillDr S.Srinivasan better known as Powerstar Srinivasan is an acupuncture doctor by profession. He turned up into acting and became popular through his movies. His first movie was Lathika. He mostly directs and produces his movies under his own banner Lathika Movies. He has played cameo roles in few movies. He owns Lathika Hospital in Chennai. Powerstar Srinivasan’s twitter account also has more than 10 thousand followers.

Powerstar Dr.Srinivasan Movies List:

Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya

Lathika Movie Review:

Lathika was directed and produced by Powerstar Dr.Srinivasan. He made his debut as a hero in this movie while Meenakshi Kailash played the female lead. R.Bharathan wrote the story and screenplay, and has also handled the role of music director. Ari Pazhani is the cinematographer while Actor Rahman, Pooja, Shanmuga Sundaram played the supporting roles.

The movie starts off with an unknown man dressed in black moving in a dark night. A woman (Meenakshi Kailash) as Priya troubled by some sounds and then it turns out to be his husband Powerstar Srinivasan. They have a daughter Lathika. Then a usual intro song for a mass hero is played out. Then events show how the couple got married. Powerstar Srinivasan is a businessman and has some business rivals. His daughter Lathika is kidnapped and demanded a ransom of over 2 crores. The second half shows the troubles he faces to retrieve his child back, meanwhile they come to know that their child has been killed. It turns out Rahman is the villain and he is unhappy with Powerstar’s relationship with his wife Pooja who works as PA to Powerstar. The rest turns out to be the climax.

The supposed thriller loses the charm because of its poor screenplay, usual dance sequences. Songs of Neenga Naalairukkonam Naadu Munnera where Powerstar Srinivasan compares himself to MGR and Malare Kurinju Malare added no flavor to the movie. The poor acting and poor screenplay made Lathika a bitter experience although the movie crossed 200 days in a few theaters. 
Powerstar lathika Still

Neethana Avan:

Neethana Avan is a short film which was directed and written by Punch Bharath. Powerstar played as role of respected rural and rich men (Vazhllal) who finally turns out be a cruel villain. The movie also features several known actors such as Vaiyaapuri, Srimaan, Singamuthu etc.

Annatha Thollai is Powerstar’s upcoming movie. Other upcoming movies are Seenu M.A.B.L., Seenu Kolai Vazhakku, Mannavan, Padaithalaivan and Desiya Nedunchaalai.

Upcoming Movies:
Although there has been criticism about Powerstar Dr.Srinivasan’s acting skills, he has been confirmed to play a role in Shankar’s next movie 'I'(Read: Powerstar in Shankar's I)He is also reported to make a movie with popular comedian Santhanam (Read: Santhanam to act with Powerstar).

Powerstar will also play a role in Surya's Singam 2.

Powerstar Controversy with Neeya Naana Gopinath:

In an episode in Vijay TV’s Talk show ‘Neeya Nana’, powerstar Dr.Srinivasan appeared as a guest in an episode where Neeya Naana Gopinath’s approach towards Powerstar Srinivasan was condemned by many and his fans opposed anchor Gopinath’s actions in social media sites.