Director Vijay Biography,Profile and List of Movies

AL Vijay is a Tamil movie director better known as Director Vijay. Before becoming a director he worked as an assistant director to director Priyadharshan and he was also an ad-film maker. AL Vijay made his directorial debut in Kireedam and has directed five films till now. His father A.L.Azhagappan is a Tamil movie producer.

Director Vijay’s Movies and Films List:


Kireedam was Director Vijay’s first movie. Kireedom starred Ajith Kumar, Trisha in the lead roles. Comedian Vivek, Santhanam, Rajkiran, Saranya Ponvanan, Cochin Hanifa acted in the supporting roles. Sakthivel (Ajith) is a sincere and obedient son of Rajarajan (Rajkiran) a policeman.  Sakthivel wants to be a policeman too.

Rajarajan gets transferred to a new place Kodikarai a hub of local dada Varadrajan (Ajay) as a revenge for taking action against a MLA’s son.  Meanwhile after a series of events love blossoms between Sakthi and Divya(Trisha). Sakthi meanwhile indulges in a fight against Varadhan as he sees his father being taken down by him. Varadhan refuses to file a complaint against him as he wants to kill him as revenge. The locals hail him as a hero for taking down Vardhan. Hanifa calls Sakthi as his leader. Sakthi’s gets irked and takes on Chellapandi when he learns that Vivek (son-in-law of Rajarajan) and Chellapandi used his name to get bribes from the local market. Sakthi meanwhile gets selected in the SI selection but at the same time he is forced to pull off a fight with Varadhan’s gang members and gets booked by the police.  The inspector of the police station forces Sakthi to leave the town until he becomes a sub-inspector. Varadhan injures his family members which forces Sakthi to come back. And finally kills Varadhan. His dreams come true as he gets released by the court.

Poi Solla Poram:

Poi Solla Poram is a comedy movie which starred Karthik Kumar, Pia Bajpai in the lead roles. Poi Solla Porom was Director Vijay's second movie. Nedumudi Venu, Nasaar, Mouli, Delhi Ganesh, John Vijay played the supporting roles. Sathyanathan (Nedumuli Venu) is just retired and has three children Uppilinathan (Karthik Kumar), Sindhu and Vishwanathan. Sathyanathan wants to buy a plot to build a house and settle over there. Uppilinathan is not interested with the plan as he wants to settle in New York.

Sathyanathanthen buys a plot from “World class Properties” managed by Vijayakumar (Cohin Hanifa). The shocker comes when he visits his plot. He sees that his plot is covered a compound wall and possesses the nameplate bearing that it belongs to “Baby properties”. He then tries to meet Baby (Nassar) who asks about half the price of the plot to vacate the land. Sathyanthan the hires some thugs and breaks the compound wall in the night. He gets arrested the next day. Upplinathan realizing his father’s desire then meets Baby’s assistant Asif Bhai (Bosskey) to get the land back. Then Uppilintahan with the help of his girlfriend’s (Pia Baajpai) father Daady(Mouli) comes up with a plan. Daddy who is a stage actor is set to impersonate as a NRI who wants to sell his plot in Chennai. The finally manage to cheat Baby and get the plot back.

The comic plot from Director Vijay was praised and the movie was a hit in the box-office.


Madrasapattinam stared Arya, British model Amy Jackson in the lead roles. It was Amy Jackson’s first movie in Kollywood.  Cochin Hanefa, Nassar played the supporting roles. Madasapattinam was a historical flick and focused on the love between Parithi and Amy at the time of India’s independence.

The plot starts off with Amy Wilkinson an old lady in London at here deathbed due to an injury caused long back in brain. She wants to meet Parithi a guy from India to return Thali which she received as a symbol of their love that they can’t be separated but as events turned out she had married another guy in London and settled there. She comes back to Chennai with her granddaughter in search of Parithi along with his photograph. She recalls the events that happened when she visits the places in Chennai. Flashback takes us to young Amy Wilkinson (Amy Jackson) daughter of a governor of Madras Presidency. Nambi (Cochin Hanifa) works as a translator for them.  She encounters Parithi (Arya) a member of the dhobi clan and a wrestler who is being trained under Ayyakannu (Nassar). Amy gets impressed with Parithi’s actions. The British officials decide to build a golf club at the place where the Dhobis use to work. Parithi opposes the move and challenges the racist British Officer Robert Ellis for a wrestling watch to decide the fate. Ellis loses the match and decides to take revenge.

Meanwhile Amy is engaged to Ellis by their parents against her wish. Later Amy and Parithi fall in love with each other. He calls her as Duraiyamma. Ellis gets envious when he sees their relationship blooming. As Amy and Parithi decide to marry a big threat comes in the form of Independence where Amy who would be forced to go back to London. While Amy’s parents force Amy to send back, Amy and Parithi decide to elope. Their friends help them while Ellis chases him to capture Amy. An Indian Police officer tells them to hide in the Clock Tower but Ellis discovers them. After a fierce fight between the two, Ellis gets killed while Parithi is seriously injured.

The Police officers still chase them up they manage to get on a boat in Coovam River. The Police officers find them and Amy forces Parithi who is badly injured to escape before she gets captured. Back to the present Amy’s condition worsens and her granddaughter wants her to go back to London to perform the surgery but she refuses.  After a series of events she gets into a taxi, where the taxi driver assumes she want to go the Duraiyamma foundation. She finally ends up there and finds up photos of Parithi taken by her. She comes to know that the foundation providing housing, education was built by Parithi in her name to fulfill a promise he made way back. She wants to meet Parithi when the taxi driver leads her to his tomb where she passes away.

The movie did well in the box-office. Director Vijay's portrayal of the historical flick earned him critical appraise.


Deivathirumagal was the fourth movie of Director Vijay. The movie starred Vikram, Anushka and Amala Paul in the lead roles. Santhanam, Nasaar, MS Bhaskar played the important roles. Deivathirumagal is inspired from American movie ‘I am Sam’.

Vikram (Krishna) plays a mentally challenged adult who works in a chocolate factory in Ooty. His wife Banumathy dies during childbirth. Krishna takes over the responsibility of bringing up his daughter. He names her Nila (Baby Sara). He brings her up with the help of his chocolate factory owner Victor (Krishna Kumar). Sara adopts into his school life and gets acquainted with her school correspondent Shweta (Amala Paul).
One day Shwetha learns that Krishna is the father of Sara and refuses to leave the kid back to his father. Shwetha’s fiancee Karthik (Karthik Kumar) and his men chase Krishna asking him to leave. But Krishna’s friends come to the rescue. Rajendran, Shwetha’s father reveals that Banumathy was his daughter and Krishna and Sara are part of his family.

He wants Krishna and Sara to accompany him to Chennai. Victor the chocolate company owner agrees to send Krishna and Nila. As they accompany Rajendran, while on the journey Rajendar tricks Krishna and leaves him alone in a place. Later Krishna wanders out Chennai enquiring about his daughter’s whereabouts. He eventually enters the Chennai High Court. There he gets picked by Santhanam who believes he might be a potential client and introduces him to Anuradha (Anushka) an adovacte.

Understanding that he is mentally challenged Anushka and Santhanam try to avoid him, but they understand his plight after Victor explains the situation. Anuradha then agrees to help Krishna. She files a case against Rajendran urging to give the child back but their hopes get hit when Bashaar (Nassar) gets in as the defense lawyer. After several events Bashaar loses the case voluntarily. After getting the child back Krishna returns her to Shwetha hoping that his child’s dream of becoming a doctor comes true.


Thaandavam is an upcoming Tamil movie. Director by Vijay, Vikram plays a blind guy who practices human echolation.  The character of Vikram’s role has been inspired from Daniel Kish who is an expert in human echolation. Vikram has practiced a lot of mannerisms from Daniel Kish himself.  The movie also turned out to be G.V.Prakash twenty-fifth movie as a composer and his fourth film with Director Vijay. The movie  is produced by UTV Motion Pictures and is set to release on September 28.
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