Alex Pandian Tamil Movie Review

Cast : Karthi,Anushka, Santhanam, Niktha
Director: Suraj
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad
Release Date: 11/01/2013

Alex Pandian Review:

The movie starts off with a wild train chase with Anushka and Karthi .They finally manage to escape from Milind Soman’s gun shot. The reason of the fight unknown, the plot moves forward in Nanjanadu where Karthi stays in Santhanam’s (Kaalaiyah) house .Santhanam is a battle breeder and has Manohar as his assistant. Karthi often flirts out with his three sisters which Santhanam tries to avoid. The comical combination of Santhanam and Karthi has worked out well once again.

On the other side, Milind Soman continues his search to catch the pair alive.  Saravanan (Paruthiveeran fame) kills a local politician in Nanjanadu town and gets imprisoned. Meanwhile Karthi gets into trouble with Saravanan’s brother by shaving his head off.  Saravanan wants to avenge the actions of Karthi by killing him. He gets bailed out and meets Karthi to kill him. To an utter surprise he hugs him while Karthi calls him ‘Chithhappu’ ,relating back to Paruthiveeran (though I wonder why?)

Milind Soman manages to find Karthi’s hideout place and gets back Anushka. Karthi comes back and the plot takes a twist with another group led by Suman chases them off. He chases them in Santhanam’s car and manages to get Anushka back. In the process he destroys Santhanam’s new car.

The movie goes back into flashback where Karthi reveals that he had kidnapped Anushka who is CM’s daughter.  Alvin Martin (Milind Soman) a NRI businessman of Alvin health care and  Dr GKM(Suman) have a  ship with medicines which were banned in USA. They decide to distribute it in Tamilnadu to make huge money. As the Chief Minister (Visu) denies approval, they approach Swamiji to convince CM, however he fails to do so.  

So they decide to kidnap CM’s daughter and get the approval as ransom. So they choose Alex Pandian (Karthi) who is in Puzhal jail. They bail him out and Alex Pandian agrees to the plan.  He kidnaps her and  gets into a forest in Andhra Pradesh. The plot comes to a twist when Karthi decides not to go by the kidnappers plan after hearing the true plan from Anushka. Whether the villains get her back, succeed in returning Anushka safe to the CM is the rest of the story.

The plot is mighty predictable with usual twists and stunts. DSP’s peppy numbers ‘Onnam Class’ and ‘Nallu Pakkum’ are enjoyable. Suraaj’s direction is typical as he delivers comedy, stunts and action which were elements of his previous movies as well. Karthi has done a decent job while the villains did a commendable one with whatever little they had to. Santhanam’s comedy has made the movie much watchable as everything else was very predictable and the plot lagging at times.

The efforts of Karthi and Santhanam were commendable. Too many characters, predictable events made Alex Pandian a usual masala mixture making it fail to cope up with the expectations it had.  The movie is a one time watch.

Rating: 2/5