Top 5 Tamil Movies of 2013 :The Most Underrated

2013, so far has been a great year for Tamil cinema. The year has witnessed big box - office hits from top heroes as well as upcoming heroes. In this post , we will take a look at those movies which are critically acclaimed but neither much noticed nor had much at the box-office (in short box-office failures) .

Onaayum Aatukuttiyum:

Directed by Mysskin , the crime-thriller movie starred Mysskin and Sri in the lead roles. A medical student (Sri) saves a dying person (Mysskin) wounded by a gunshot . Sri faces the heat for saving Wolf and starts the chase between the Wolf and the Lamb surrounded by the police and the mafia on the other side.

Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer:

Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer a romantic - thriller movie was directed by Suseendiran. A college guy falls in love with his fellow college mate who later accepts his proposal. Things go awry when the girl gets pregnant when she gets intimate with his boyfriend.

The movie mixed with reality and drama carried a nice message.


Director Bala cameback with Paradesi with his signature style. A periodic film set in the 1930's before the Independence. The movie focusses a young man from a rural village who migrates to a nearby village for his work , but he later realises that he and the fellow villagers are being made as slaves for the British. The movie had the usual aura of Bala's screenplay and bagged one National award.

Moodar Koodam:

Moodar Koodam was directed by debutant Naveen. The film involves four low profile youngsters who are held up as suspects for a robbery case . The gang then headed by graduate once a juvenile, decide to plan a rob in reality. The black comedy movie was not a typical genre in Tamil movies. The movie had no big heroism , peppy songs making it stand out from others.  The imaginative screenplay made the flick interesting.

Thanga Meengal

Thanga Meengal starred Ram who was known for his movie Kattradhu Tamizh. A young man gets separated his daughter for the sake of getting a job. The movie portrays the beautiful relationship between a father and his daughter.

Other Notable Flicks:


Haridas was directed by GNR Kumaravelan and had Kishore and Sneha in the lead roles. A rough and tough cop who takes on ruthless goons, leaves his job to take care of his autistic son. The bonding between the duo makes up the rest.

Vidiyum Munn:

Directed by Balaji K Kumar , Vidiyum Munn starred actress Pooja in the lead role. A woman being chased up by four men while it is revealed that the woman , a prostitute is trying to rescue a 12 year old child from the wings of prostitution .The movie took up an unusual subject which many movies haven't ventured.

Jannal Oram

Jannal Oram is a comedy-thriller movie directed by Karu Pazhaniyappan. R Parthiban and Vimal played the lead roles. The bus conductor tries to prove the innocence of the bus driver who is being blamed for a fatal bus accident.