Director Prabhu Solomon Movies List

Director Prabhu Solomon has made eight movies so far. Two of his movies have been big blockbusters. Out of his eight films , one was a Kannada film and the rest are Tamil films. His upcoming movie is Kayal which is set to be released in 2014.

List of Prabhu Solomon Films:

  • Kannodu Kaanbathellam
  • Usire
  • King
  • Kokki
  • Lee
  • Laadam
  • Mynaa
  • Kumki
  • Kayal(Filming)


He directed 'King' in 2002 which starred actor Vikram, Naseer, Sneha and Vadivel in the lead roles in which Raja (Vikram) acts as a professional magician and professional management student and when his father donates blood needed due o an accident , Raja comes to know that his father is affected with multiple sclerosis. It is later revealed that Raja is affected with the disease and not his father. Raja learns the secret finally through a phone conversation which he keeps it to himself. Music was scored by Dhina.


After a long break Prabhu Solomon came back with ‘Kokki’. The film starred Karan as a hero. The movie starred Pooja Gandhi and Kota Srinivasa Rao. Music was scored by Dhina. The movie had moderate success in the box office.


Lee was released in 2007. It starred actor Sibiraj, Nila and Prakashraj in the lead roles. The movie revolved around the rivalry between the hero and the minister who eventually in the flashback is responsible for disintegrating his football team. Lee did not do well in the box office.

Laadam :

Laadam stared Aravindan, Charmi Karu and Kota Srinivas Rao. The story was directly lifted from English movie "Lucky Number Slevin". The movie revolves around two dons Vembuli (Jayaprakash) and Pavadai (Kota Srinivasa Rao) whom the hero gets into trouble with. The movie was Charmi Kaur's most last Tamil movie till date. The movie did a poor job in the box office.

Breakthrough Films - 2010 and present:


Mynaa starred debutant actor Vidharth, Amala Paul, Thambi Ramaiyaaah in the lead roles. Suruli (Vidharth) and Mynaa (Amala Paul) are childhood friends. Their friendship blossoms into love at the end of Mynaa's schooling. Mynaa's mother agrees to get Mynaa married to Suruli earlier but she breaks the promise as looks for a bride for Mynaa as he rejects Suruli. Suruli opposes and threatens to kill her for which he gets jailed. He escapes from the jail as he comes to know that Mynaa's mother had arranged marriage for Mynaa. He reaches Mynaa and they encounter various adventures through their journey to Kerala where they escape from the policemen and are being chased by Policemen Bhaskar and Thambi Ramiyaah. They develop pity towards Suruli as he saves their lives from a bus accident. The cops decide to forerun their marriage. Back in Bhaskar's house her enraged wife Sudha and her brothers furious over his husband’s alleged relationship with Mynaa kill her and dump her body over the railway track. Suruli on seeing Mynaa’s body jumps into an oncoming train. Bhaskar furious over his relatives actions kill his wife and her relatives involved in the murder and ends up in jail.

Mynaa turned to be a big break to Director Prabhu Solomon's career. The movie was a huge box office success. The small budget movie was produced by Prabhu Solomon himself under his production banned Shalom Productions. Actor Kamal Haasan had appreciated Prabhusolomon after watching the movie. Mynaa's music was scored by Imman.


Kumki (2012) is director Prabhu Solomon's most recent movie. Kumki starred Actor Vikram Prabhu, Lakshmi Menon in the lead roles. Kumki is also Vikram Prabhu's first movie as a hero who is the grandson of actor Sivaji Ganesan.

The movie starts with a rogue elephant Komban killing a lady working in the fields in the area where Matheyan is the clan's leader. Alli (lakshmi Menon) is his daughter. Bomman (Vikram Prabhu) has a pet Manickam an elephant. Manickam turns out to be a Kumki (an elephant used to chase wild ones) for two days due to unavoidable circumstances. Actually Manickam isnt trained to be a Kumki. Bomman’s mama played by Thambi Ramaiyaah opposes Bomman’s move. But he couldn’t convince him. So he and Undiyal (Ashwin Raja) accompany Bomman .Bomman falls in love with Alli in first sight. His mama refuses to leave the area after two days as he doesn’t want Manickam’s love to fail. Finally Alli and Bomman get into a relationship but the relationship is short-lived as Alli doesn’t want her father’s name to get spoiled. Finally Komban attacks the trio, Manickam fights out Komban and kills Komban , but it succumbs to its injuries. Komban manages to kill Undiyal and Thambi Ramaiyaah. The movie ends as Bomman cries out load and regrets his relationship which he feels led to the killings of his friends. The movie ends as he cries, leaving his fate to audience imagination.