Tamil Movie Biryani Review

Biryani Movie Poster
Biryani Movie Poster
Venkat Prabhu's Biryani (2013) has been released today 20.12.2013. The comedy-thriller movie is released in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously.

Briyani film-Cast and Crew:

Karthi as Sugan
Hansika Motwani as Priyanka Sharma
Premgi Amaran as Parasuram
Ramki as Vijaykrishna
Mandy Takhar as Maya
Nassar as Varadharajan
Prem as Vikram
Jayaprakash as Sampath
Sampath as Riyaz Ahmed
Nithin Sathya

Biryani Movie Review:

Tamil Movie Biriyani Plot and Story:

The comedy thriller movie starts up with a car chase between Premji and police. The plot goes into flashback when a car carrying Premji and Karthi jump over an unfinished bridge.
Sugan (Karthi) is a playboy and is in love with Priyanka (Hansika) who is a TV anchor. Sugan and Parasu (Premji  Amaran) are childhood friends. Sugan always lure girls and doesn’t give Parasu a chance to date anyone. Sugan and Parasu travel to Ambur for the inauguration of his friend’s motor showroom. There they get to meet a chance to meet Varadharajan a top industrialist, who attends the inauguration function. Varadharajan is accompanied by Vijaykrishna (Ramki) his son-in-law and Assistant Commissioner of Police (Jayaprakash) .Varadharajan is also under the radar of CBI officer Riyaz Ahmed (Sampath). Meanwhile it is portrayed that Vijaykrishna wants to take over Varadharajan’s position and doesn’t admire him.

After the successful inauguration , Sugan and Premji on router to Chennai want to take Briyani for their dinner.  There Sugan is lured by Maya (Mandy Thakur). Midway Maya’s car breaksdown after which she travels to a hotel with Sugan and Premji . Sugan then is offered by Maya to her room. Sugan and Premji enter her room and heavily drink while partying with Maya. They also see Varadharajan entering the room.
The following day, Sugan wakes up in a car and tries to locate Premji . He enters the room again where he locates Premji lying on the floor. He then wakes him up when he sees a gunshot held up on the wall and blood stains on the bed. When they try to leave the room, police stops them up and they escape from the police. Apparently the police are looking for Varadharajan as he is considered missing. During the chase, Sugan and Parasu evade the police and take a brief pause on a unmanned ground where Sugan gets suspicious of the flow of events. He then looks up to the car’s rear where they find Varadharajan’s dead body. The police chase them up as the scene comes back to the opening scene.
Who murders Varadharajan ?  How does Sugan and Parasu prove they innocence is the rest of the story.


Karthi has performed his role as a playboy pretty well. Although the role doesn’t offer him any big challenges to his potential, he has given what the movie wanted from him. His comedy scenes with Premji have come out well.  The other artists have done a neat job. The numerous guest roles add good flavor the movie especially the flash mob which has spiced up Ajith’s fans.

Editing by Prashanth and Srikanth is a real plus to this movie. Venkat Prabhu’s screenplay is the key point for this movie. He has retained his usual pattern of his movies. The director has managed his resources well. Even though there a lot of characters in the movie, the plot doesn’t become clumsy or confusing.  


Venkat Prabhu doesn’t disappoint the audience in view to the usual expectations of his movie. The movie retains his usual style.  Karthi’s performance has blended well with the essence of the movie. The twist in the climax is the biggest surprise which fortunately is pleasant.
Going with expectations as a Venkat Prabhu’s movie, you won’t be disappointed. Biryani is a good comedy entertainer with good thrills. It ends up as a spicy, hot Venkat Prabhu’s diet.