Top Controversies of Tamil Cinema in 2013

Controversies are not new in cinema . Here is a look of the top controversies and problems that happened in Tamil cinema in 2013.

Vishwaroopam :

Vishwaroopam was one of  the most expected movies of the year , was stalled not once but twice. The movie whihc was directed and starred Kamalhaasan caught a tussle between the Theater owners as Kamalhassan had said that the movie would be simultaneously released in DTH's as well. The idea which did not go well, as the Tamilnadu Theater Owners Association had threatened to boycott the movie . The problem was solved when the makers of the movie agreed to postpone the DTH release a week after the theatrical release. For more details read : Vishwaroopam release postponed

Later the movie's release was stalled once again , when the movie was banned by the Tamilnadu State Government for communal reasons citing security issues . The issues got subsequently solved when makers of the movie agreed to cut some portions of the movie. Fore more details : Vishwaroopam Banned


Thalaivaa one the most expected releases starring Ilayathalapathy Vijay was directed by AL Vijay . The movie just before the day on which it was set to be released was stopped for unknown reasons.

Actress Anjali Disappearance

Actress Anjali's brother filed a missing complaint with the police stating that Anjali had disappeared in a hotel in Hyderabad and was not reachable on phone. She finally reached out to the police saying that she had taken a break as she was stressed out squashing rumors which had suggested that she was harassed by her step mother and by director Kalanjiyam. Anjali's disapperance was one of the widely followed cine stories in Tamil media.

Actress Nazriya's complaint:

Actress Nazriya's complaint came as a big shock to the Tamil cine industry. The complaint filed a complaint to the Police commissioner against director Sarkunam for allegedly using a body double for a sequence in Naiyaandi. The actress had alleged that the director has used a body double fro a sequence that required skin show which the actress had refused to shoot. The scene was added in between the trailer.